Mortgage Lending School

November 6-10, 2017

PART I The Stages of Mortgage Lending

This comprehensive course consists of three modules: 1) Origination, 2) Processing and 3) Underwriting. Part I emphasizes the roles of origina- tor, processor, and underwriter as a loan application follows each stage; this course provides a foundation- al knowledge of these early steps. Additionally, this course provides a common framework for mortgage lending, bringing the participants together in a mutual understanding of the functions in loan production, connecting each stage of the cycle.

PART II Advanced Mortgage Lending

During the one and a half days of Part II of the KBA Mortgage Lending School you will learn about the risk inherent in mortgage lending operations and how that risk can be measured and managed. In addition, you will look at profit potential in the production, ser- vicing, and selling of mortgage loans. You will also learn how those profits can be enhanced by efficiencies or diminished by inconsistent operating policies. Emerging technologies will be discussed to see the role automa- tion plays in increasing productivity.

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